About Rose Tinted Glass Photography

There is no ‘we’ at Rose Tinted Glass Photography. It’s just me, Jenny!
The reason I call my photography Rose Tinted Glass is, that’s how I see life. Through Rose Tinted Glass. Add life to your day, not just days to your life. The glass should always be half full. Life is a gift, that’s why we call it ‘the present’.

When I visit National Trust properties, as I do often, I see how it was once only the rich who could have beautiful portraits of loved ones adorning their walls. I want everyone to own a stunning piece of artwork. Recording a special time in your life. To be printed and hung up in your home for everyone to admire. To be handed down through generations. Because when something is so beautiful and timeless, it will hang forever.

NewbornChildren’s Fine artPregnancy, Sitters FreespiritBirthing and Family shoots – each one as individual as the next. You’ll find my quirky vintage photography studio in Burford, the gateway to the Cotswolds.